Our vision is to leave a positive footprint in every job that allows us to inspire others and ignites the desire to be part of the story we tell.
Every company or institution has and generates, beyond its history, new scenarios and content that deserve to be shared. A story with human value always involves the audience more than the product itself. We accompany this process.
The extensive trajectory of El Mano Films in the documentary format offers services that stand out for their ability to combine communicational objectives with the capacity to convey a message or a story beyond advertising.
We understand today's consumers as an audience that wants to be involved and empowered with the product and the story behind it. As a result, they are receptive to receiving information with substantial content.
We are a team of individuals who combine experience and warmth with the latest trends in the communication market. We transform ordinary recordings into videos enriched with value-added tools
The documentary format has allowed us to work with real people in situations where time and budgets are pressing. This characteristic gives us an advantage in establishing reliable human relationships and making the most out of each situation and event with professionalism and dynamism.

In summary:
Your company need stories. We bring them to life.

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