Our job is to help to tell the stories that are seemingly hidden and bring them to light, adding value to them, accompanying their growth, and ultimately sharing them.

Here are a few successful examples showcasing our latest work:
TITLE: Meet the women taking on sexist gaming in Latin America - 2023
CLIENT:  Thomson Reuters Foundation 
DESCRIPTION: An opportunity to be able to collaborate with such a necessary story in these times.
TITLE: Pernod Ricard - Responsibly Day - 2018
CLIENT:  Elephant at Work 
DESCRIPTION: With a full production in Buenos Aires, we embarked on a challenging task of capturing an action-packed event using cellphones (iPhones). It was a real challenge to shoot and edit in real-time, but we successfully captured the essence of that wonderful event.
arte Invitation au voyage
TITLE:  Invitation au voyage - 2022
CLIENT: Elephant Group 
DESCRIPTION: They brought their ideas, and with our experience in the region, we were able to enrich them. We faced obstacles during a challenging filming process, but the outcome was a team that still cherishes the best memories in Patagonia, filled with impactful stories for Invitation au Voyage.  
Arte reportage logo argentina
TITLE:  Arte Reportage 
DESCRIPTION: During the prolonged pandemic in 2020, our horizons expanded, and we started providing stories for the ARTE Reportage program. It has been and continues to be incredibly enriching to have such a prestigious platform on our side for sharing our stories.
TITLE: L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science - 2021
CLIENT:  10.7 Production
DESCRIPTION: Full Production Portrait of the Argentinian winner.
CLIENT:  Blink Studios
DESCRIPTION: It was through Blink Studios in L.A. that the World Health Organization selected us to tell the simple yet fragile story of a vulnerable family during the pandemic. We are grateful for your trust in us!
TITLE: LG Potencia tus ideas
CLIENT:  90+10
DESCRIPTION: LG needed to tell a story about people who truly used their products in an inspiring way. We brought this story to life with the amazing team at 90+10.
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