A group of mothers band together on a perilous journey through the underworld to rescue their daughters from the brutal world of sex trafficking.
Burying a child is a parent’s worst nightmare but a daughter who disappears for sexual slavery leads to an endless search with little hope.
Margarita, a militant mother whose daughter Susi was kidnapped from the streets of Buenos Aires, sold by traffickers, and despite Margarita’s ferocious search was found dead. While Margarita has some found some closure in burying her daughter, she hasn’t stopped looking for missing daughters.
Mamas is a character-driven film about three women connected by shared experiences and real social ties. Through the stories of Margarita, Maria, and Rosy, we explore themes of objectification and disappearance. To depict this, we use Lucy, a mannequin, as a symbol of the objectification and commodification of sex trafficking victims.
Although the stories of both mothers and daughters are different, they have a common denominator: the pain and trauma caused by trafficking. The real-life ties between Margarita, Maria, and Rosy paired with this resource allow us to form a chorus of resilience and recovery as we paint a dynamic picture of trafficking’s inner workings and consequences and finally the passivity of government and society.

A film by Nico Muñoz & Juliette Igier

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