Turning back the clock on climate change seems impossible, but artist and
inventor Joaquin Fargas is going to try. 
THE UTOPIAN follows Fargas on his mission to fight for the preservation of 
the world as we know it, by carrying out performative installations on stunning Antarctic islands, near a controversial gold mine by the Argentina-Chile border and at the heart 
of iconic Bolivian salt flats threatened by lithium corporations.
From Antarctica to the Andes, Joaquin Fargas’ outlandish quest of poetic protest 
aims to hammer home his message that we need to stop destroying our 
vital natural resources – before it’s too late.

Although his innovative work breaks boundaries between disciplines, many people struggle to understand what he’s really trying to do; his far-fetched ideas are often spurned by the worlds of art and science alike.

But his perseverance and dedication serve as a clarion call for us to confront new challenges with creativity – “because if we don’t do anything, we already know the results,” says the inventor.

A film by Nico Muñoz & Frederick Bernas

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